Portal Login & CMS Dashboard Overview

Learn about your Content Management System (CMS) & secure login portal.

Table of Contents

Access Your Content Management Portal

To access your Content Management System (CMS) we provide you with a secure login section called your content management portal.

You can access this portal by going to your website and adding “/portal” at the end of the URL (e.g. yoursite.com/portal)

An example of our content management portal

NOTE: For the best user experience with the login portals and dashboard, we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers on a laptop or desktop computer and bookmarking your portal URL for quick future access.

Login To Your Content Portal

Enter your Content Portal Login as outlined in your Client Account Details document and click log in. If your login details are correct, you will be redirected to your CMS Dashboard. 

From this dashboard, you will be able to manage all your website content and eCommerce store functions.

For issues with your portal login see Problems & Troubleshooting.

WordPress CMS Dashboard – Overview

We will show you an overview of the WordPress CMS Dashboard with a summary of each site menu item and its use to you in more detail.


Once logged in, you will be greeted with your dashboard.

WP Dashboard

Here you will find your;

  1. Site URLs – Visit your website or store front from the dashboard.
  2. New Item Menu – Quickly create new content for your website.
  3. Account Tools / Log Out Menu – Access your profile and portal log out.
  4. Site Menu – Create & manage your content & eCommerce store.
  5. Dashboard Widgets – An overview of your stats including a place to quickly create draft posts, see your recent activity, review store sales, and check post counts.

Below we will outline the uses of each (4.) Site Menu section.


Populates your website with content on your blog pages and home page. This will be the most used section on your new website.

See Using Your Content Management System for more information on creating & managing posts.

Stripe Gateway – PRO users only

Settings for your payment provider. DO NOT ADJUST ANY SETTINGS IN HERE. 

This section has functionality for your store checkout and can break your site if not configured correctly. 

Contact us for any questions about stripe gateway functionality. 

For issues with your Payment Provider see Problems & Troubleshooting.


Access your photos and videos that are uploaded and stored on your website. 

DO NOT EDIT, MOVE or DELETE any media that has functionality on your site and wasn’t uploaded by you (e.g. page backgrounds, digital product files).

You can upload your own images for post content. But, we recommend that you upload videos & audio to an external hosting service.

Services such as Youtube, Vimeo, or Soundcloud are ideal and you can easily embed the content into your posts for a better user experience. 

For issues with your Media see Problems & Troubleshooting.


For security, our page designs have comment functionality disabled by default, therefore, making this section redundant for your uses.


Features in this section are disabled for security.

For issues with your website layout & templates see Problems & Troubleshooting

WooCommerce – PRO users only

You can manage your online store with access to your orders, customer information, and reports. 

See Managing Your eCommerce Store for more information about this section.

Products – PRO users only

Keep track and manage your inventory of physical and digital products. Create new products or edit existing ones.

See Understanding Products & Inventory for more information about this section.

Analytics – PRO users only

You can review your eCommerce store analytics and understand your fans better. We will also create quarterly reports and consult you on suggested improvements based on the data. 

See Managing Your eCommerce Store for more information about this section.

Marketing – PRO users only

This section enables you to manage coupons for promotional offers. Create new coupons or edit existing ones. 

See Managing Your eCommerce Store for more information about this section.


Edit your profile details. We recommend adjusting your settings here with caution. If you’re unsure, get in touch.


Features in this section are disabled.

Problems & Troubleshooting

Where are my content portal login details?

When your website is complete you will receive a Client Account Details document via email with all your login details for any required external service providers and your content portal. Get in touch with us if you haven’t received this.

I have forgotten/lost my content portal login details.

If you can’t access your account – or your login is compromised – for any reason, contact us via email and we will provide you with new login details.

My payment provider isn’t processing payments… (PRO ONLY)

For issues with your payment provider, document the issue with screenshots or video. To resolve this issue as quickly as possible, use our phone support.

I can’t upload my photos/videos to my website…

This may be due to the file size or format. We recommend using images in JPEG, PNG, or GIF format with a file size of less than 1MB and no larger than a pixel size of 1600px. Videos should be hosted on external providers for the best user experience. Contact us via email for any specific file hosting issues.

My website layout is broken…

If you see any unusual-looking pages on your website. Take a screenshot of the affected page. Then, send us the screenshot via email to diagnose the problem.