The times are a changin’

There is an air of change in the music industry at the moment.

The times are a-changing

After a crazy Saturday waking up at 6 am and trekking down to the big smoke. I can say that there is an air of change in the UK at the moment.

Train to London

I’ve been hanging out with many like-minded individuals at the Sonos Studios in Shoreditch. The Mycelia make and do weekend was at its peak with more going on through Sunday.

There were new and old faces and a buzz (almost literally) was about the room.

SONOS Studios in Shoreditch

If you haven’t been following Mycelia’s progress you can read more about the project here.

So under the watchful command of Lloyd Davis, the day got underway. After the usual traditions, everyone split off into groups to discuss the question.

What do we need to do to make Mycelia a reality?

There were plenty of deep discussions, falling down rabbit holes and devils’ advocates. But, that’s what makes these sessions so exciting. The random mix of minds is intoxicating. I feel like I’ve consumed a week’s worth of knowledge on the blockchain, the music industry, and much more.

After speaking with Imogen and others about the project. Many feel the same about the music industry and that a change can and should happen. Collectively we gathered our ideas and it was great to hear input from the varied backgrounds. The Mycelia project is beginning to take shape.

There were developers who had pieces of the technology puzzle. Service providers working out contracts and many other philosophical discussions. A pilot scheme will be put in motion and many who were there signed up to offer their talents.

The day ended in the circle (which has been captured in full 360 footage, take a look at VRSUS) and a game plan set in motion. The next few months should be interesting as various developments should pan out.

I would also like to say a massive thank you to Imogen! She kept me and many others fuelled up on coffee, wine, and cheese! It’s been amazing and I’m even more excited for the next event.

To quote Dylan.

The times they are a-changing… and I’m excited to be part of it.

– Alex

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